Sat - March 19, 2005

National Zoo Part 2

Went back to the National Zoo. This time I met up with a few friends from my favorite online photography forum. We walked around for over 4 hours taking pictures of the animals. Here are two of the best shots. Click on either to see a few others.

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Sat - March 12, 2005

Anson Photoshoot

Today I went to a friend's house to take pictures of his 4-month-old son Anson, along with mother in some of the shots. They were thrilled with the results, which is always a nice reward. I'm happy too. He was a bit of a tough subject, although you wouldn't know it from these pictures. Here's one shot. Click on it to see others.

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Sun - March 6, 2005

National Zoo

Went to the National Zoo this afternoon on the spur of the moment late in the day. Took 31 pictures, and this was one of the best. Click on it to see an album of other good ones.

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Thu - February 3, 2005


Late last month I was in LA (West Hollywood, actually) on a business trip for 5 days. During an afternoon off, I took a tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills for some picture taking. Here are the four I liked best. Click on them to see the full album.

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Sun - January 16, 2005

Not Just a Tree

I took this photo while I was in Florida over Christmas. I should have posted it back then. I'm finally sharing it today because ... well, just because I felt particularly inspired today.

I should get back in the swing of posting again. I think I'll try to do that. It won't be for at least another week, though. I'm soon heading to LA on a business trip, staying in West Hollywood. I've never been there.

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Sun - December 5, 2004

DC Dusk

I was near the Mall area of DC yesterday near sunset, so I headed to the area of the new WWII Memorial and Reflecting Pool to take some pictures in the improving light. I hung around for over a half hour and ended up with five images that I'm pretty happy with. Here are two of them. Click on either to see a page with all five.

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Sun - November 7, 2004

Composite Long-Exposure

I'm starting to experiment more with digital photography. I took this shot outside my new place. It's actually two shots, taken from the same location using a tripod, and then combined in Photoshop. Can you tell what parts belong to which shot?

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Wed - October 20, 2004

Colorful Weekend

I spent another weekend in NH visiting family. It was perfect timing with the peak color season underway. Although not the best capture of color, here's one photo to share.

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Wed - August 11, 2004

Apple of my Sky

Just a photo to share, taken at my second cousin's farm in PA this past weekend.

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Sun - July 4, 2004

Happy Fourth

I was warned by the long-time locals about the crowds, but braved them anyway to head down for the fireworks. I'd never been to a DC show, and only remember well recent shows in small town New Hampshire. Upon arrival I was surprised to find the entire Mall area a security zone with checkpoints to enter. I came upon a checkpoint at a major cross street. The line was a block long, probably a 20 minute wait. So I continued down the street half a block and almost missed the next checkpoint, because there was absolutely no line. I was shaking my head with a puzzled smile for 5 minutes.

So what did I think of the DC show compared to small town New Hampshire? I was underwhelmed. I think it was because I'm used to sitting much closer, where the fireworks fill the sky above me, and I'm able to hear the music. The pictures came out OK, though:

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Sun - May 30, 2004


I took this photo from my hotel room while in Chicago last weekend on a business trip. I've been really busy lately, in part due to preparations for that trip, so that's the reason for the dearth of entries lately. I think things have calmed now, so I hope to pick up the pace of updates once again.


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Sat - April 24, 2004


The bush outside my window is normally green most of the year. Today it is covered in bright white flowers with spring at its peak. The sight reminded me of a picture I took of that same bush 5 months ago. This idea was born...

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Sat - April 3, 2004

Cherry Blossom Saturday

The weather being mostly cloudy, windy, and in the 50s made it more difficult this year to find good lighting for some photography at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. It was nevertheless just as enjoyable. This time I walked completely around the tidal basin, a two and a half hour walk, giving adequate time to stop for rest and contemplation.

I have a dedicated page with the full photo album. For comparison, check out the photos from last year, when I visited with my cousin and her family.

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Fri - March 12, 2004


Spring is upon us, I'll be outside more on the weekends, and therefore will be posting more photography. But first, here are some remaining indoor pictures I took in the American History Museum recently.

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Mon - March 1, 2004


Here's a fun illusion that I took of picture of while in DC yesterday. It's in the sculpture garden that neighbors the ice rink. If you want to see a picture from a second angle that explains it, click here

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Sun - February 29, 2004

Peaceful Pose

I went to the DC Mall today. As I captured a picture of this statuesque woman, another photographer stopped to do the same. She sat motionless, either oblivious to what was going on around her, or taking it all in without notice. I couldn't tell which.

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Mon - February 9, 2004

Flight Path: "9"

(2:20 pm) The familiar voice filled the cabin one last time, "Welcome to Baltimore. We apologize for the inconveniences today. We know you have many choices in air travel, and we thank you for choosing Southwest."

(1:00 pm) "Welcome aboard Flight 1826 from Manchester to Baltimore. The weather is clear and we should arrive at approximately 20 minutes past 2."

(12:20 pm) "May I have the attention in the gate area of the Flight 1826 passengers to Baltimore as your final destination. The situation has changed. We are going to put you back on your original plane and take off shortly. Please proceed to gate 12 for boarding."

(12:10 pm) "Ladies and gentlemen. We are going to be using this plane to fly the Nashville passengers directly to Nashville. We need you to deplane and check with the service representative in the terminal for rebooking on later Baltimore flights."

(12:00 noon) "Welcome to Manchester. Would the passengers going to Nashville please return to the terminal for rebooking. The Baltimore passengers can sit tight and we will update you shortly."

(11:20 am) "This is your captain. We hope you have been enjoying your flight. Unfortunately, we need to return to Manchester. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with us. We were just informed that the Baltimore airport has closed. There's some sort of gas leak, and they have closed the entire airport. More information will be forthcoming as we find it out ourselves."

(10:40 am) "Welcome aboard Flight 1826 from Manchester to Baltimore, with continuing service to Nashville. The weather is clear and we should arrive on time at 12 noon."

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Wed - January 28, 2004

Mission: SPACE, Up Close and Personal

As I wrote a few weeks ago, one of my reasons for going to Epcot was to go on Mission: SPACE, a centrifuge simulator ride of a blast-off into and through space. There was virtually no line this time of year, which gave me little time to look at the pre-ride displays. Cutting to the chase ... I think I was somewhat disappointed due to my own hype. Still, it was well worth it and quite interesting. Come along with me as I recount the experience ...

The ride takes place in a small enclosed pod that seats four, each person with his own video screen immediately in front of him. Just before blast-off, the video shows us tilting up, and I believe our pod actually tilts back as well, even before the centrifuge starts. Then comes the rush, and I saw and felt rapid acceleration as we hurtled towards space. From what I've read, the spinning should not have been noticeable provided I kept my head straight ahead. Well I definitely kept my head still, but I could still feel the spinning. The odd sensation was mostly in my eyes. They were twitching left and right, not being fooled.

But soon I was in space and the engines shut off, and the feeling of weightlessness began. It was only an illusion, but a good one. I still had some normal gravity holding me in my seat. I think it was the contrast of what I had just experienced, combined with what I suspect is a slight tilt forward, that contributed to the illusion.

The ride continues with another acceleration burn hurtling us to Mars, then flying through a canyon landscape with the simulator providing all the appropriate g-forces. (Are there really canyons on Mars?) Anyway, we fail to land properly, and find ourselves balancing precariously on the edge of a Martian cliff, finally falling, recovering, and landing safely. Then ... all of a sudden ... the ride is over. Wait, it's over? How do we get back to Earth? (sigh)

I walked around Epcot for the next half hour with my brain, eyes, and ears still spinning slightly with that same odd sensation.

Later that night I saw a commercial on TV for this ride, with audio of a little girl saying, "Daddy, are we still in the building?" Beware of young minds being fooled.

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Mon - January 26, 2004


Arrived home last night from my business trip to Orlando, just barely beating the snow storm. What a contrast from relaxing by the hotel pool after lunch. I had Saturday afternoon free, and was indeed able to get over to Epcot as I wanted to.

I have a few blog entries planned about my trip. I'll start by sharing some photography. The pics below are a teaser. For the full album, click here

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Sun - December 28, 2003

Christmas 2003

The weather cooperated to make travel easy, and the time with family was as rewarding as it always is. Some pictures...

An effect experiment, done by holding up to the camera lens an optical device from a new kids toy:

And the stage set for Christmas dinner at my brother's house:

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Sat - December 20, 2003

Merry Christmas

I'll be away for a week to spend the holidays with family. Be happy and safe. The picture below is from my brother-in-law, and represents him in more ways than one.

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Sat - December 6, 2003

First Snow

A few inches Thursday night, then several more Friday night. A snow event like this wouldn't even make New Hampshire blink. But down here in DC, I'm learning, they can't deal with it easily. It's a combination of less experienced winter driving on inadequate tires with less efficient snow removal.

Favorite quote from the TV news:
People are getting stuck in the slush.

For you fellow photographers, this photo required +2/3 stop for proper exposure.

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Thu - November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving 2003

Spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my second cousins at their Plantation home and cooperative farm in southeast PA. With the table set for 19, the atmosphere was merry and the food hearty.

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Sun - November 23, 2003

Great Falls Park

I visited Great Falls Park this afternoon. It's located about 15 minutes outside DC along the Potomac. I came here to capture a flag for a game of MinuteWar I'm currently playing.

The couple in the picture was enjoying the view and sound of the water as much as I and the rest of the people wandering about. If I had waited around another hour for dusk, I probably could have captured some better pictures. Also of note was a sign on the approaching path warning that about 7 drownings per year occur here.

Ranger: That'll be $5 for a 3 day pass
me: Any other options?
Ranger: $20 for the whole year
me: I'll do that
Ranger: We don't have any forms left
me: Can you take my info and just mail it to me?
Ranger: Just buy it next time ... go ahead in

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Sat - October 11, 2003

Colonial Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, VA for a family reunion, my parents and I had time to visit Colonial Williamsburg for an afternoon. Here's what I saw through the eye of my camera...

For the full picture album, click here

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Thu - September 11, 2003

Bay Flight

I jumped at the chance to take a flight in a Cessna 172 over the Chesapeake Bay.

We took off from Freeway Airport which is a private strip northeast of DC and flew out over Annapolis and the Bay, then back. It was a flight of only 40 minutes, but every minute was thrilling. I've always wished I had taken up flying, and probably would have if it wasn't prohibitively expensive. My high school offered a flight training program that to this day I wish I could have taken advantage of.

For the full story in pictures, click here

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Sun - April 6, 2003

Cherry Blossom Sunday

A beautiful day in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival, here are pictures from the outing with my cousin and her family.

Don't miss the full photo album.
Update: And here's my photo entry from the following year.

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