Great Falls Park

I visited Great Falls Park this afternoon. It's located about 15 minutes outside DC along the Potomac. I came here to capture a flag for a game of MinuteWar I'm currently playing.

The couple in the picture was enjoying the view and sound of the water as much as I and the rest of the people wandering about. If I had waited around another hour for dusk, I probably could have captured some better pictures. Also of note was a sign on the approaching path warning that about 7 drownings per year occur here.

Ranger: That'll be $5 for a 3 day pass
me: Any other options?
Ranger: $20 for the whole year
me: I'll do that
Ranger: We don't have any forms left
me: Can you take my info and just mail it to me?
Ranger: Just buy it next time ... go ahead in

Posted: Sun - November 23, 2003 at 06:11 PM