Flight Path: "9"

(2:20 pm) The familiar voice filled the cabin one last time, "Welcome to Baltimore. We apologize for the inconveniences today. We know you have many choices in air travel, and we thank you for choosing Southwest."

(1:00 pm) "Welcome aboard Flight 1826 from Manchester to Baltimore. The weather is clear and we should arrive at approximately 20 minutes past 2."

(12:20 pm) "May I have the attention in the gate area of the Flight 1826 passengers to Baltimore as your final destination. The situation has changed. We are going to put you back on your original plane and take off shortly. Please proceed to gate 12 for boarding."

(12:10 pm) "Ladies and gentlemen. We are going to be using this plane to fly the Nashville passengers directly to Nashville. We need you to deplane and check with the service representative in the terminal for rebooking on later Baltimore flights."

(12:00 noon) "Welcome to Manchester. Would the passengers going to Nashville please return to the terminal for rebooking. The Baltimore passengers can sit tight and we will update you shortly."

(11:20 am) "This is your captain. We hope you have been enjoying your flight. Unfortunately, we need to return to Manchester. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with us. We were just informed that the Baltimore airport has closed. There's some sort of gas leak, and they have closed the entire airport. More information will be forthcoming as we find it out ourselves."

(10:40 am) "Welcome aboard Flight 1826 from Manchester to Baltimore, with continuing service to Nashville. The weather is clear and we should arrive on time at 12 noon."

Posted: Mon - February 9, 2004 at 08:25 AM