Putting It All Together

I've previously written about the concept of Egoism. Each of us always acts in our own self-interest, even when being traditionally "selfless", with behavior that we THINK will make us happy and feel good about ourselves. I've also written about Happiness Responsibility. By taking charge of our own happiness, we gain the control required to make our future reality what we wish. I've also written about the Power of Thought. That which receives the energy of our thoughts becomes our reality. Read those essays if you haven't already.

These concepts are closely related. The first, Egoism, is the truism, and defines the law by which we act and creates the challenge for us to act wisely. The second, Happiness Responsibility, provides the opportunity of control. If we take advantage of it, we create the vehicle by which we are able to shape our environment and future. The third, Power of Thought, gives us the tools to bring to reality the happiness and sense of purpose we seek.

Putting it all together involves understanding the law, confronting the challenge, seizing the opportunity, and using the tools.

Posted: Sat - February 21, 2004 at 11:03 AM