A Path to Tolerance, and Beyond

We fear the unknown. We're intimidated by what we don't understand. The difference is subtle. But for many of us, the reaction is the same. To compensate for these emotions, we seek control, even when it's none of our business. Some of us go one step further, feeling the need to impose those opinions on others. Better to instead ...

Educate ourselves, and make the unknown known. Seek knowledge and we gain power -- power over those fears and insecurities. We can combat our fears through the power of knowledge. However knowledge alone is not enough, Some very knowledgeable people manage to find ways to avoid tolerance with a closed mind. But if we're open-minded enough, we are enlightened by our newfound knowledge, our fears replaced with understanding and empathy. We will discover tolerance. And even more valuable, a self-created spirituality that pays dividends throughout our lives.

Posted: Wed - December 10, 2003 at 09:57 PM