Let go of the past - part 2

On MTV's reality tv show The Real World this week, Mallory and Leah finally resolve a long-standing rift between them, rooted in an incident from several weeks prior...

Mallory confronts Leah:

I just don't understand why you brought that up again. What that shows me is that you haven't forgotten about it, that you still hold some kind of grudge, that everything is taken personally, that it's still something that you think about, because you can't let anything go.

Later, after contemplating things, Leah confides in Mallory:

I let my emotions completely run things for me, and just take over.

Certain things affect us in different ways. I was very angry as a child. I was VERY angry. I didn't have my dad. I had this step-dad. And then I had my mom who always took my step-dad's side. To me that's like the ultimate rejection. And that's why, when nobody takes my side, it makes me feel like I'm being completely rejected.

The most important part of living together, is being able to put ourselves out there and become vulnerable. This has taught me a lot about friendship, and a lot about life. And that my biggest thing, is that I learn how to forgive, and part of forgiving is learning how to let go. Thank God I know that now. Cause otherwise I just get bitter or angry, and I hold on to it, and it makes me upset. And that's a waste of time.

Leah, while talking just to the camera later:

I've spent a lot of time in my life, and here with Mallory, not letting go. I regret having such angry feelings. Thank God I live with people that can teach me things that I don't know when I would have learned.

It's easier to live, if you just let things go -- because you free up all this space for GOOD things.

Posted: Sat - November 15, 2003 at 10:17 AM