The Path of the Bigots

I've been following the story about gay marriage in Massachusetts with interest, mainly because individual rights in general is very high on my list of political issues that are important to me. Well this week comes yet another excellent article by Dahlia Lithwick entitled Full Faith and Credulous that gives perspective and substance to my own opinion. An excerpt...

A Defense of Marriage Amendment [to the US Constitution] would enshrine, for the first time, language of intolerance and exclusion in a document that was intended to set forth basic rights. Does President Bush really want to be remembered as the guy who first used the Constitution to codify bigotry? .... It calls out only one signal: that even one gay marriage in one small state is too many. That's not statesmanship, and it's not political policy. It's bigotry.

But there's a lot more to the article that those strong words. It also spells out a less divisive solution based on federalism and states rights. There doesn't have to be one rule of the land. The power can be granted to the smaller governing body by using legislation already on the books. Give it a read.

Posted: Thu - February 12, 2004 at 07:36 PM