There's a letter to Dear Prudence this week that I'll quote here without comment, other than to say that it caught my eye and I found it thought provoking. Maybe it will for you too...

I gotta problem. This life thing is draggin' by, and I'm wondering if it's all not just trivial ... these wars and talk shows and mountain bikes. Is it just me, or have people in America and probably other industrialized nations just totally lost touch with reality? Is anything in this culture real? Why am I bombarded with ads for cruises, new SUVs, and credit cards with low, low fixed rates? Maybe you're old enough to remember a life with a purpose, not just to get wealthy, attract a mate, and contribute to your 401(k). Is this it? Is this the great civilization handed to me by "the greatest generation"? I'm sorry; I really have no point other than to ask if other people are as disappointed in humanity as I....

OK, I lied. I can't pass up an opportunity to comment. I think the above are very common thoughts of many of us, after living at least a few years as adults, wondering what this life is all about, what this universe is all about, and what our purpose is.

Posted: Fri - February 20, 2004 at 10:51 PM