A Ton of Misinformation

In this week's edition of Dear Prudence (Ann Landers daughter) is a letter that I'll quote below. It is almost funny if it weren't also sad. It is another good example of how misinformation can breed fear and judgment. I've talked about this before. There's a lot to be said for tolerance through education.

Why would you encourage a person to practice witchcraft? That is totally against the Word of God. I am not trying to sound mean or judging. It's just we need to turn back to God and away from Satan. Please, you can impact many with your views, be careful and prayerful. Thanks so much for your time.


Dear Den,
First of all, in the letter you are referring to, Prudie did not encourage anyone to "practice witchcraft." She would not be so bold as to tell another how to worship (ahem). What Prudie did was give a Wiccan woman her suggestion about how to tell her family that she's been studying this faith for 10 years and has become a believer. Second, "Satan" is a matter of opinion, my friend. Prudie would say that you have read Macbeth too many times, except that, on second thought, that seems highly improbable. What would really be good is if Prudie could "impact" you with the idea that you have a ton of misinformation. And no, Prudie is not a witch, except perhaps to a former mother-in-law.

—Prudie, ecumenically

Posted: Tue - January 13, 2004 at 09:38 PM