It's Not Just a "Global Test"

Bush's camp was out in force on weekend talk programs with one particularly non-sensical talking point regarding Kerry's comment during the debate, when he talked about never ceding the right to defend the U.S., but that the means to that end must pass a "global test". The Bush camp pulled that two word phrase out of context in order to make fun of it.

Well, last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the following particularly entertaining comedy bit on the subject:

Jon: I'm joined by Senior Political Analyst Rob Corddry. Rob, I have to tell ya. What is going on? The media is playing this out like this "Global Test" phrase is up for grabs with what Kerry meant by it, when it really seems very clear to anyone listening to the context.

Rob: Yes, Jon, and therein lies the fundamental problem with the Kerry campaign: the enormous gap between what John Kerry means, and what the Republicans say he means.

Jon: I don't think I follow what you're saying.

Rob: Look, Jon, the Bush camp's been very clear that John Kerry would give France the veto over U.S. security. And John Kerry has had a real hard time being straightforward about admitting what the Republicans say he believes.

Jon: But why should he admit that? It is the opposite of what he said on the debate.

Rob: Right, Jon. And that's the problem -- this constant flip-flopping. Jon, say what you will about George W. Bush, but you always know exactly what he says John Kerry stands for.

Jon: But this was not a flip-flop. Kerry's been relatively clear and consistent in this one.

Rob: No, see, Jon. First he's a flip-flopper. Now he's not a flip-flopper. Which is it John Kerry? Huh? Make up your mind, man!

Jon: ... Rob Corddry, everyone. We'll be right back.

Posted: Wed - October 6, 2004 at 09:55 PM