Average Joe

The original premise of NBC's latest reality show Average Joe is simple enough. How will a beautiful woman react when faced with a choice among average looking men to date instead of men more in line with her own good looks? Not surprisingly, she fell for some of them. At least, I hope no one was surprised.

A good looking fit woman (or man for that matter) can indeed find chemistry somewhat outside the normal range of good looks and fitness they would otherwise consider. The world outside the confines of the set of a reality TV show should reflect this more, but doesn't, unfortunately. Perhaps one interesting conclusion reflected by Melana's choices is that fitness and body type is a more important factor, at least for her, than other aspects of good looks.

But this week there's a new twist. With the field down to 3 average guys, 3 new good-looking guys have been introduced for her to choose from. This has now turned into a more interesting experiment. Will good looks distract her from the bonds she has been forming over the past few weeks? Even though this situation is highly contrived, I'm suddenly much more interested to see how this plays out.

The new men on the scene will test Melana's mettle. What will happen next I'm less sure about.

Posted: Tue - November 18, 2003 at 10:41 PM