Search Phrases

One of the most interesting parts of having my own website is looking at how people find me through search engines like Google. Any time someone does a Google search that results in my site being listed, and then clicks on the link bringing them to my site, I get to see the phrase they used to find me. Here are the most popular search phrases from just the past week:

how to let go of the past
let go of the past
let go past
How do I let go of the past
how let go of the past
individual responsibility
our past, why is it so hard to let go and go on
stream of consciousness
Learning How to Let Go
thoughts about holding a grudge
fail to realize our mistake in time and the beautiful around us
how can I let go of a bad day?

Notice a theme? When I Google these search phrases, I see that I'm usually on the first page, and for a couple of them I'm listed at the top, number one. I have two reactions to this list. First, it's rewarding to know I'm being found. And second, I'm surprised that almost everyone that finds me through a search has the same thing on their mind. There seems to be a lot of people with the same struggle. Of course, those who know enough to search for these phrases are already half way to the finish line.

Posted: Sun - March 7, 2004 at 08:50 PM