A Good Performance

One of the events during my Orlando business trip that I was particularly excited about was a presentation I was to give. It was a 90 minute technical breakout session to about 60 people, resellers of my company's product. Along with my excitement was anxiety. Several years ago I probably would have turned down an opportunity like this. These days I embrace them. Fears are odd like that. They're so much a part of us for a portion of our lives. Then, as if they become boring to us, slowly dissipate.

I did well. I was a bit disorganized with my train of thought the first 10 to 15 minutes. But after that I was in a groove, audience participation kicked in, and the experience was a blast. I can see why some people love to perform. It can be a real high.

The hotel we stayed at was impressive. These pictures were taken from the ninth floor just outside my room, looking down on the massive "lobby", surrounded by ten floors of hotel, and covered with a glass roof. The gazebo aviary is in the center with exotic birds, a few restaurants around the perimeter as well as our conference room, a bar at one end, along with a waterfall pond containing large goldfish -- a perfect setting to write a postcard.

Posted: Tue - February 3, 2004 at 11:24 PM